We are only open for catering, carry-out, free in-house delivery within 5 miles, we are partnered with Uber Eats, Grubhub, DoorDash.
We Cater to the following Hotels: Sheraton, Marriott, Holiday Inn, Hyatt Regency, and Ramada Inn.

About Afghan Kabob Restaurant

Afghan Kabob Restaurant

Experience the finest kabob in the Washington Metro area at the Afghan Kabob Restaurant in Springfield, Virginia. The restaurant is located in the West Springfield Plaza at the intersection of Old Keene Mill Road and Rolling Road. Afghan Kabob Restaurant is a family owned and operated Restaurant.

Our main goal and passion is to create and serve various Afghan Cuisine Dishes with the taste and experience you can't find anywhere else. With 10 years in the Restaurant business, we are dedicated to the highest customer satisfaction and experience in the industry. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you will experience a warm and welcoming ambient. Our fresh afghan bread, kabob’s and dishes are known in Northeast and across the US; and people who visit this area, always stop at the restaurant to dine in and take food back home. The restaurant is the certified foods cater to the Marriott, Sheraton, Hilton, Hyatt, Holiday Inn and many other hotels at the Washington metro area. For many years, we have catered for various occasions like weddings, birthday parties, conferences, and all kinds of other ceremonies.



Afghanistan is a mountainous landlocked country, about the size of Texas, located in Central Asia. Wedged between the former Soviet Union, Iran, Pakistan and China, it has been an area of tension for hundreds of years. Afghanistan achieved a measure of national unity in 1747 and became a constitutional monarchy in 1931. In 1973 the monarchy was overthrown in a bloodless coup, and a republic was established. The republic failed to survive and in late December of 1979 thousands of Soviet troops air lifted into the country. The war against the Soviets lasted many years, before the cease-fire just a few years ago.

All the citizens of the country are called Afghans, but the name Afghanistan, meaning "land of the Afghans," was not used to describe the area until the 18th century A.D. The ancient name for the region was Aryana, meaning "land of the Aryans."

The staple food of the villagers and towns people is bread and rice. Among other basic foods are cheese, chicken, lamb, eggs, onions, spiced tea, melons, cucumbers, and other fruit. Large amounts of meat, rice, and vegetables are consumed by the Afghans. Rice is often served with meat, herbs, and sauces. Other popular items include filled and fried pastries as well as rose-water-flavored drinks.

Jumah Bazzar Afghan

Located beside Afghan Kabob Restaurant!

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